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Do you know what the world’s most popular sport is? Odds are, if you said soccer, you’re correct. Soccer is played in practically every corner of the globe. But a few countries don’t partake in the love of the game – here are just a few of them.

While pretty much everyone plays soccer. There are quite a few countries around the world where it isn’t the number one sport. Here are some places around the world where soccer isn’t as big as it could be compared to the top soccer countries around the world.


One country that does not have a professional soccer league in Japan. Soccer is not as popular in Japan as in other countries, such as Brazil or England. Instead, the most popular sport in Japan is baseball. This is likely due to the country’s history with the sport.

Baseball was first introduced to Japan by an American educator in 1872, and the sport quickly gained popularity. In 1903, the first professional baseball team was formed, and by the 1920s, there were several professional leagues in operation.

Today, there are 12 professional teams in Japan, and baseball remains one of the most popular sports in the country. While soccer may not be as prevalent in Japan as elsewhere, some are still passionate fans. The national team has qualified for the World Cup five times, reaching the Round of 16 in 2002. Additionally, there are several semi-professional and amateur leagues throughout the country.


Canada is a diverse country with a rich history, and it is no surprise that its people have various interests in sports. While soccer is popular in many parts of the world, it has never caught on in a big way in Canada. There are several reasons for this:

Most of Canada’s population is concentrated in urban areas, where limited space and other sports such as hockey and basketball are more popular.

The climate in much of Canada is not conducive to outdoor soccer playing.

Canadian teams have not had much success on the international stage, contributing to the sport’s lack of popularity.

However, there are pockets of soccer fandom in Canada, and with the recent success of the women’s national team, interest in the sport may be slowly growing.


While millions of people around the world enjoy the sport of soccer, there are a few countries where it is not particularly popular. Venezuela is one such country. While some people in Venezuela play the game, it does not have the widespread appeal it does in other parts of the world.

There are several possible explanations for this. One reason may be that Venezuela has a strong baseball tradition, the country’s national sport. Another possibility is that soccer hasn’t had enough time to catch on in Venezuela. After all, the sport only began to gain popularity in the country within the last few decades. Whatever the reason, it’s clear that soccer isn’t yet as popular in Venezuela as it is in other parts of the world.

Trinidad And Tobago

Although Trinidad and Tobago are small island nations, they have very different cultures and traditions. As a result, soccer is not as popular in Trinidad and Tobago as in other countries. Instead, cricket and track and field are the most popular sports.

This is likely because both islands were once British colonies. Cricket was introduced to Trinidad and Tobago by the British, and it quickly became the national sport. Today, cricket is still very popular on both islands, and many Trinidadian and Tobagonian athletes have gone on to compete at the highest levels of the sport. Track and field are also popular due in part to the success of Trinidadian sprinter Ato Boldon, who won four Olympic medals. While soccer may not be as popular as cricket or track and field, there are still many Trinidadian and Tobagonian who enjoy playing or watching the sport.


There are many different reasons why a country might not play soccer. Sometimes, it may be because the sport is not popular. In other cases, it may be due to a lack of resources or facilities. However, in the case of Panama, the reason is much more unique.

Due to its location between North and South America, Panama has always had strong ties to both continents. As a result, the country has traditionally focused on American sports such as baseball and basketball. While soccer has begun to gain popularity in recent years, it still lags behind other sports in terms of popularity and participation. As a result, Panama is one of the few countries in the world where soccer is not widely played.


Soccer, or football as it is known in many parts of the world, is a game that people of all ages and cultures enjoy. However, there are a few countries where soccer is not as popular as it is elsewhere. One example is Finland, where only about 6 percent of the population reports playing the sport. In contrast, neighboring Sweden has a much higher level of participation, with over 30 percent of the population playing soccer.

There are several possible explanations for this difference. One possibility is that Finland has a longer winter season than Sweden, making outdoor activities less appealing. Another possibility is that Finnish culture does not emphasize organized sports as Swedish culture does. Whatever the reason, it is clear that soccer has yet to gain a significant foothold in Finland.


While soccer is the most popular sport in the world, some countries still do not play it. This may be due to a lack of interest or because another sport is more popular in that country. No matter the reason, soccer continues to grow in popularity, and more and more countries will likely start playing it in the future.


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