Soccer History: England vs Italy

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This article gives an overview of two soccer superpowers, England and Italy. Both nations have a rich history, with proud fans, players, and coaches. And also a rivalry, to say the least. They share some of the iconic moments of major tournaments’ history. For example, Peter Shilton’s fumble in his last international match during the 1990 World Cup. That led Roberto Baggio to score for Italy. But these are only a few pieces of the large picture. In this article, I give a short overview of their national teams from major tournament performances to the most iconic players in their respective countries.

Major Tournaments

Italy is here the clear-cut winner. Four World Cups, two EURO titles, and ten appearances in finals (EURO + World Cup) speak for themselves. England „only“ has two final appearances. The first is the 1966 World Cup final, which they won. The second is the EURO 2020. The latter is an important one for two key reasons. First, England had a chance to play their first-ever EURO final at Wembley. In front of home fans, who were mad enough to break into the stadium. Second, the opponent was Italy, who won the soccer match in penalties. What could be better than winning the EURO title at Wembley at the expense of England?

Few other things stand out about England versus Italy in major tournaments:

Head-to-Head Results

At the of writing this article, Italy and England met each other in 29 matches in total. The first was in 1933 and ended in a 1-1 draw. Splitting goals equally has been a theme between these two 11 soccer matches that have ended in a tie. But Italy has won more than England, with 10 and 8 wins respectively. Furthermore, Italy versus England doesn’t produce many goals in general. Over 29 contests, 68 goals have been scored, making the average 2.34 goals per match. They have scored a combined five goals in a single game while facing each other. Despite England holding the largest win with a 4-0 rollover in Italy, it happened in 1948. More important is the fact that Italy took soccer out of English hands at EURO 2020. Soccer was stolen from the home, I could say.

Iconic Players

Of course, I can’t pass by mentioning some of the most legendary players who have played for Italy or England. What did they achieve and how are they remembered.

English Players

Italian Players

Final Thoughts

Italy and England have been soccer’s superpowers for the better part of their history. Although Italians missing two World Cups in a row is unusual, the past is on their side. In the case of England, their players and squads yield a lot of promise. But they do not tend to realize it and lose often on penalty kicks. Yet, both soccer nations can be proud of their players and glories. Italians have more of the latter.

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