How to Email a Soccer College Coach?

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Many parents and students are unaware of the correct way to approach soccer college coaches and get recognized for their talent. It should be understood that soccer college coaches don’t have much time on their hands as they are busy preparing their teams. Getting their attention requires you to stand out from the hundreds or thousands of candidates that are applying for their soccer college program.

Most parents and students don’t have any idea about how to email a soccer college coach in the correct manner so that they can get recognized. There are some basic and necessary steps that must be taken when writing the email to ensure that it captures the attention and the imagination of the college soccer coach. After all, your goal is to stand out from the masses.

Emailing Soccer Coaches: What You Should Know?

The first thing that you must realize before you email your college soccer coach is that these coaches get hundreds or thousands of emails from soccer players that are just like you. The coaches must go through all these emails to pick suitable candidates that would be suitable for their soccer program. These coaches are generally the assistant coaches or the recruitment coordinators for the soccer program.

Therefore, it is in your best interest to stand out in your email from the rest of the competition. Keep in mind that soccer coaches aren’t looking for players who are spamming different soccer coaches in the hopes of getting selected for any soccer program. They want to sign players who show a keen interest in their college soccer program. They want to know that you are interested in not only joining the program but also having a keen interest in playing well for their soccer team.

You must show them that you are talented enough to join their soccer program but also that you have done your research and know what it takes to play on their team. When you come across as a genuine contender, that is when you will be noticed by soccer college coaches for their team. Therefore, you must make sure that you do your research so that you can stand out from the rest of the competition.

How to Email a College Soccer Coach?

Now that you know what it takes to email a soccer college coach, we will get into the basics of writing an email. Keep in mind that the right email will grab the attention of the soccer college coach and will ensure that you are selected by them. You want to write an email that is personal, attention-grabbing, and one that highlights all your skills. So, here is what you must do when emailing a soccer college coach to get on their college soccer team:

1. Send the Email to the Entire Coaching Staff

One mistake most young players make is that they don’t email their portfolio to the entire coaching staff. You want everyone to get your email so that even if one person misses your email, the next person would get it and open the email. Therefore, you should ensure that you email the entire coaching staff, which would include the Head Coach, the assistant coach, and the recruitment coordinators for the program. It’s also a good idea to CC some of your references to the email, as that shows the soccer college coaches that you’re interested in their program and helps them get in touch with your references if they need further information about you.

2. Make the Subject Line Pop

The subject line is your introduction to the college soccer coach and it should include all the relevant information about you. Make sure that you include your graduation year, full name, position you play, club team, and your GPA. You should also include something related to the school, for instance, their school name or their mascot name. That should be enough information in the subject line of your email to make it pop and grab the attention of the college soccer coaches.

3. Introduce Yourself in the Body of the Email

Once you’re done with the subject line, you should get straight down to business and introduce yourself to the college coaches. The body of the email will be an introduction about you as a player, and why you have shown interest in their college soccer program. You should ensure that you let them know that you have done your research about their program and enlist at least three specific reasons why you have chosen their school as one of your top schools. You want to keep this section of the email short and to the point without getting too wordy. Your focus should be on the social, academic, and athletic interests of their school and their program.

You want the soccer college coach to see how great you are as a player and how you would fit into their program, which is why it is always a great idea to attach your player profile link. That allows them to see your academic and athletic achievements and helps you stand out from the rest of the competition. You should also attach a highlight video showcasing your skills as a soccer player.

This is extremely important as soccer coaches get thousands of emails, so attaching a highlight video in your email makes you stand out more. It should be a short video, as it is mainly a commercial to highlight and showcase your strengths as a player and give them a chance to see you in action. It could include various technical skills you are performing in training but try to get footage from soccer games. The coaches want to see you in action and want insight into your movements, your decision-making skills on the field, and your particular skill set in the game. Try and ensure the video is professional, attractive, and attention-grabbing, and it shouldn’t be longer than five minutes.

5. Send Them an Invitation to See You in Action

You should have your best highlights at the beginning of your highlights video to entice college soccer coaches to come and see you play. Additionally, you should invite them to an upcoming event where you will be playing. Attach a link to your schedule, whether it is a tournament, league game, or any event or showcase where they can see you in your element. Attaching the link is important, as even if there are changes to your schedule later on, they will always remain up to date. It’s a great way to invite college soccer coaches to come see you in action, and that gives them a great chance to assess your skills and level of play to see if you would be a great fit for their college soccer team.

6. Include Your References as Points of Contact for the Coach

You shouldn’t hesitate to add as many references as you can as points of contact for the coach. Due to the rules of the NCAA, college coaches aren’t allowed to directly communicate with student athletes, particularly if you are a sophomore or younger. However, a great way for them to learn more information about you is through your references, who can guide them on more details about you as a player. They can learn whether you have the character apart from the skills to fit into their college soccer program and whether you’re available to meet with them. Your reference can act as your guiding point for them and provide them with any additional information they require about you.

Final Word

Every aspiring young soccer player wants to join a college soccer program that aligns with their objectives and allows them to fulfill their ambition. However, for that to happen you must ensure that the college soccer coach gets to see your email application and chooses you for their program. There are hundreds and thousands of applicants every year, and for you to stand out, you must ensure that you write your email appropriately and don’t forget to attach a highlight video showcasing your skills.

That allows the soccer college coach to see you in action and increases their interest in you as a player, especially if they like your soccer skills or abilities as a player. Don’t hesitate to thank the soccer coach at the end of your email and invite them to see you in action at your next upcoming event. That way, they can view you in person and decide for themselves whether you’re a great fit for their soccer program.

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