How To Become A Soccer Scout In Minnesota?

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Soccer scouts are those people who watch games and evaluate players. They are in charge of determining which MLS team best suits a certain player based on his skill level, age, and position. It’s a tough industry to break into, but it can be rewarding if you’re willing to put in the work.

Step 1: Work Your Way Up

Step 2: Get a soccer scouting certification.

You can get a soccer scouting certification by completing an online course, which costs $100 and lasts about six hours. The course covers the basics of scouting and more advanced topics like coaching/organizing/fundraising for youth soccer organizations.

Once you’ve passed the online test and are certified, you’ll have access to all of the resources available on Minnesota’s Youth Soccer Association (MYSA) website. This includes manuals about how to work with coaches and other volunteers, as well as information about upcoming events like clinics or camps where you can learn more about what it takes to manage teams at this level of play.

Step 3: Attend An MLS Pro Scouting Course

The MLS Pro Scouting Course is a comprehensive course that will teach you everything you need to know about scouting soccer players. It includes lectures;

The course is held at the National Sports Center in Blaine, Minnesota, and takes place over three days (Tuesday through Thursday).

The cost for this training program is $3,000 per person if you are a part-time student or $4,000 per person if you are a full-time student at UMN school of business or other university accredited by NCSAAS (National Collegiate Schools Accreditation Systems).

Step 4: Become A Member of The NSCAA (National Soccer Coaches Association of America)

The NSCAA is a great organization that offers a variety of courses, workshops, and certifications. In addition to helping coaches improve their craft, it’s also an excellent way to network with other coaches around the country. A membership fee may be required, but it’s well worth it if you want access to all these resources.

Step 5: Attend The National Youth License Course

The National Youth License Course is a one-day course that you take online. The course covers the basics of what it takes to become a soccer scout, including:

Step 6: Register To Become A Referee And Observe referees

To become a referee and observe referees, you must first be registered with USA Soccer. The process is easy—simply fill out the form on their website and provide your contact information. After you complete this step, you can begin watching games as an observer at local tournaments or in states that allow it (in Minnesota, we do).

As an observer, you will learn about how referees officiate so that when it’s time to get certified as a referee yourself, you’ll know what rules apply within each game context (such as offside) and how they apply across different levels of play (such as youth vs. adult). You’ll also gain experience in other areas, such as handling player complaints or technical fouls on the field.

Step 7: Organize, attend and hold local soccer events and tournaments.

Now that you have a team, it’s time to organize them. You can organize local soccer events and tournaments, like league games or tournaments. You can also help organize a local soccer team or create one yourself!

You should also try organizing some tours around the state so your scouts can go out on their own and visit other towns besides Minneapolis or St Paul for games and practices. This is worth considering if you want your scouts to see more of Minnesota than just Minneapolis/St Paul.

Step 9 (optional): Close attention to MLS drafts, trades, etc.

You should also pay close attention to MLS drafts, trades, etc. These events provide a lot of information about the player’s potential. You can watch games and pay attention to the players they play against and their movement on the field.

Pay attention to how they act off the ball, what kind of attitude they have at practice or during training sessions (if you’re lucky enough), and how many goals they score each season—it’s all important.

Final Verdict

Becoming a soccer scout in Minnesota is a great opportunity to work with kids and help them grow as soccer players. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, there are several things you should keep in mind.

While it might be easy to start, becoming a scout is not just about teaching the game or running practice sessions; it requires extensive training and experience that can take years to develop if your goal is just starting out.

Don’t let fear keep you from pursuing this career path. It’s not as scary as it sounds because once you’ve mastered the basics of scouting, like reading opposing teams’ strategies during games and then playing yourself–you’ll find yourself surrounded by other motivated individuals who would love nothing more than help young players improve their game at every level possible. Thanks for reading!

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