How To Become A Soccer Referee In Idaho?

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You’ve heard about soccer referees all your life, and now you’re ready to become one! Well, congratulations! Here’s what you need to do first:

Go to Referee Class and Get Certified

Get Registered With the Idaho Soccer Referee Association (ISRA)

The ISRA is a non-profit organization that helps referees in Idaho. It’s the official governing body of soccer referees in Idaho, and they’re responsible for certifying soccer referees in Idaho and assigning them to games.

Suppose you’re interested in becoming a soccer referee. In that case, it’s important that you become registered with the ISRA before applying for your certification test at an ISRA-certified referee center or through its online coursework system (both are free).

Contact Your Local Reffing Assignor

Get a Uniform and a Watch With a Countdown Timer

You’ll need a polo shirt and shorts. This is the uniform all referees wear, so it’s important that you get one that matches your personality. It should be comfortable, with pockets for your whistle, a book of rules, and a pen/pencils.

The best timepiece is one with a countdown timer: this will help track how much time remains in each half (or quarter), so you don’t have any confusion about when halftime ends!

Buy Cleats, a Soccer Ball, and a Referee’s Notebook.

Take the Online USSF Grade 8 Test

If you’re interested in becoming a soccer referee, there are two things you should know:

How to Become a Soccer Referee in Idaho: Requirements and Steps

To become a soccer referee in Idaho, you must have at least five games with an average of 25 officials per game. If you work outside of Boise, this number increases to seven games. If you live in Twin Falls or Burley or Caldwell and work most of your games within 100 miles of where you call home, then only one game would be required (unless it’s a home playoff game).

There are several ways to get started on becoming a soccer referee:

  1. American Youth Soccer Association (AYSA) which offers high school programs as well as adult AYSA leagues
  2. USA Field Hockey Association which offers youth league and adult league opportunities
  3. Umpire Training Corps International, which offers both youth and adult programs

How to Officiate Soccer Games as An ISRA Referee?

Become A Certified Soccer Referee In Idaho!

Concluding Thoughts

This guide will get you started if you want to be a soccer referee in Idaho. The best way to learn the rules is by reading them and practicing. You will also need to take a certification course to help you start officiating games. If you have any questions about this guide or how to become a referee, feel free to reach out! Thanks for reading!

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