Does Soccer Make You Shorter

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Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world. Many people love playing and watching soccer. But does this sport have an unintended consequence? Does soccer make you shorter? Some experts believe it does. Keep reading to learn more about this possible side effect of playing soccer.

Can Soccer Make You Shorter?

Soccer is a popular sport among young people, but there is a rumor that it can cause players to become shorter. This claim is unfounded, and no scientific evidence supports it. However, some parents worry that their children will become shorter playing soccer. There are a few possible explanations for this concern:

Despite these concerns, no evidence playing soccer causes players to become shorter. Research shows that exercise helps children to grow taller by stimulating the release of growth hormones. So, no need to worry that soccer will shorten your child. Instead, please encourage them to get out on the field and enjoy the benefits of exercise.

What Do Experts Say About This Potential Side Effect Of Playing Soccer?

While there is no definitive answer to this question, some experts believe playing soccer could decrease height. One theory is that the repeated impact of running and jumping could compress the spine and lead to a loss of height over time.

Another possibility is that the intense level of competition in many soccer leagues could result in players skimping on nutrition and not getting enough nutrients needed for growth. However, it should be noted that there is no direct evidence linking soccer to a decrease in height, and further research is needed to confirm any potential effects. Still, if you’re concerned about your height, it might be best to steer clear of the pitch.

Does Playing Soccer Make You Shorter?

As any parent of a child athlete knows, there is an unending list of Dos and Don’ts that come with youth sports. One worry that seems to plague many parents is whether or not certain sports will stunt their child’s growth. With soccer being one of the most popular youth sports in the world, it’s no wonder this concern has surfaced. Let’s take a closer look at the relationship between soccer and height.

A study published in 2016 found no significant difference in height between professional soccer players and the general population. However, the study found that professional soccer players were, on average taller than amateur players. This suggests that while playing soccer may not make you shorter, it may put you at a disadvantage if you are already shorter than average.

If you are already shorter than average, you may want to consider another sport. But if you are of average height or taller, go out and enjoy the beautiful game! It’s important to remember that genetics play a big role in height so that no sport will make a huge difference.

Why Might Some Experts Believe That Soccer Could Make You Shorter?

No scientific evidence supports the claim that playing soccer makes you shorter. However, some experts believe that the constant impact of running and jumping could stress the growth plates in the bones, which could potentially stunt growth.

Additionally, poor nutrition and inadequate rest can also lead to stunted growth. While there is no definitive proof that playing soccer will make you shorter, taking care of your body is important if you want to reach your full potential height. Eating a balanced diet and getting enough rest will help you reach your maximum height, regardless of whether or not you play soccer.

Why Might Other Experts Believe That Soccer Does Not Have This Side Effect?

Though the opinion on whether or not playing soccer can stunt your growth is still disputed in the medical community, there are many reasons to believe that it does not have this side effect. First, most of the research has been conducted on young children, who are still growing and thus more susceptible to having their growth affected by physical activity.

Secondly, some experts believe that the amount of running and jumping required in soccer is not significant enough to impact long-term growth. Finally, it is worth noting that many professional soccer players are of average height or taller, which would not be the case if playing the sport always resulted in stunted growth. While there is still no definitive answer on whether or not playing soccer can stunt your growth, the evidence suggests that it is unlikely to have this effect.


The debate over whether soccer makes you shorter has been raging for years. On one side are those who believe that the constant jumping and running associated with the sport can decrease height. On the other side are those who argue that there is no evidence to support this claim. So, what is the truth? Unfortunately, there is no clear answer.

Some studies have shown that soccer players are more likely to be shorter than their non-soccer-playing peers, while other studies have found no difference in height between the two groups. It is also worth noting that many of the world’s top soccer players are of average or above-average height.

As such, it seems unlikely that the sport is responsible for any decrease in height. Ultimately, whether or not to play soccer should be based on personal preference rather than fears about height.

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