Can Soccer Shorts Have Pockets?

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Can Soccer Shorts Have Pockets? Unfortunately, most soccer uniform sets do not include pockets in their design.

Can soccer shorts have pockets?

Soccer players apparently don’t have any use for pockets. But why not? What kind of shenanigans are soccer players up to that necessitates them kicking their phone onto the field between halves? If you’ve ever been to a good soccer game, you may have noticed a surprising lack of cellphones. And if you’re like most people, you’ve definitely noticed the lack of snacks. You see, soccer is a very technical sport. Players are always looking for an edge—whether it’s on the pitch or in the locker room. And while manufacturers have added pockets to just about every piece of athletic equipment imaginable, soccer shorts have stubbornly remained pocket-less. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that, during a game, the ball may end up in a pocket.

Soccer shorts with zippered sides

Zippered sides are the most common solution to the soccer short problem. Whether they’re on a pair of soccer sweats or a pair of official-looking soccer shorts, zippers are a quick, easy way to add a pocket. You can usually find zippered sides on the two types of soccer shorts with the least amount of material—soccer sweats (usually made of sweat-wicking fabrics) and soccer training shorts. But even though soccer shorts with zippered pockets are the most common form of soccer shorts with pockets, they’re not the best. Zippered pockets tend to clump up during play, get full of lint, and are easy to lose small items inside of. They also lack the structure necessary to hold up to the rigors of game-play.

Soccer shorts with elastic waistbands

It’s true that most soccer shorts don’t have zippers. But there are other ways to add pockets. One of the most common options is the elastic waistband. There are two types of elastic waistbands—the standard and the contoured. Both can be used to create pockets on either the side or the back of the shorts. But elastic pockets are hardly an ideal option. They can be hard to access (especially when you’re running). And they can sometimes offer limited space for small items. They also tend to stretch out over time and lose their original shape.

Soccer shorts with hidden pockets

Hidden pockets are the most sophisticated and secure way to add storage to soccer shorts—or any shorts, for that matter. Hidden pockets have a few distinct advantages over other types of soccer shorts with pockets. Hidden pockets are sewn into the waistband of the shorts. This makes them extra stable, so they don’t stretch out as elastic pockets do. Hidden pockets are also out of sight. So they’re less likely to be accidentally accessed during play. But the biggest advantage of hidden pockets is that they can be placed anywhere on the short. This allows you to strategically place your most-used items (money, ID, car keys) where they are most accessible. Hidden pockets can be added to just about any type of soccer short. But the best shorts with hidden pockets are soccer training shorts and soccer game shorts.

Soccer shorts with mesh benders

The most modern and revolutionary way to add storage to soccer shorts is with mesh benders. This type of pocket is placed on the inside of the shorts. And it’s typically made out of mesh or synthetic materials. These benders are super flexible and stretch with the short (unlike zippered pockets). And they can be used to store just about anything. What’s more, mesh benders are out of sight, out of mind. They are completely hidden from view and don’t require any maintenance. What’s not to love? Well, mesh benders do come with a few conditions. They can only be used in pairs of pants with a bit of giving. So they’re best suited for game shorts and soccer training shorts. And they are best suited for smaller items. They are not designed to hold large things like a wallet or a phone.

What is special about soccer shorts?

Soccer shorts are the perfect athletic wear to wear on and off the field. They provide both comfort and style and are available in a wide range of styles and colors. Soccer shorts can be worn for casual or formal occasions, depending on the style and fit. And because they’re lightweight, they’re also great for summer weather.

Fit is also important when shopping for soccer shorts. Look for pairs that are tapered at the ankle, with an elastic waistband. The leg opening should also be wide enough to comfortably fit over shoes. You don’t want your shorts dragging on the ground as you run or kick a ball around.

Finally, make sure the seams are finished cleanly around the seams so there’s no exposed material when you’re playing!

What shorts are best for soccer?

There are two main considerations when choosing your soccer shorts: length and style. Generally, shorter shorts mean less coverage for the problem areas (such as chafing), but they also allow for better movement and faster acceleration. Longer shorts give more coverage, but they can be restricting and limit movement. Most players prefer to have half-length shorts for flexibility and half-length compression shorts for warmth in colder weather. If you’re unsure what kind of soccer shorts to buy, there are a few things you can keep in mind: leg length, materials used, support features, and availability. Leg length refers to how long your legs are, based on how tall you are. Shorter legs mean shorter shorts. If you like a tighter fit, choose short-length soccer shorts instead of long-length ones. Materials used to refer to whether the fabric is made from synthetic or natural fibers. Synthetic fabrics don’t absorb water as well as natural materials, so they won’t get as soaked during a game.

Final Thoughts

Soccer shorts are meant for agility and speed, not for carrying around valuables. The lack of pockets in most soccer shorts is not a design flaw in the fabric but rather a design feature that keeps the shorts light and non-restrictive.

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