Can Soccer Shin Guards Be Washed?

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Team kits should be washed after every practice session or game — but what about protective gear such as shin guards? Are they washable? How do you go about doing this?

Can soccer shin guards be washed?

Yes, soccer shin guards can absolutely be washed — but there are a few things you need to keep in mind before doing so. The shin guards themselves are made of synthetic fabric and are designed to be resistant to both moisture and heat. That said, the adhesive that holds the guards to your legs may not be as heat-resistant — and as a result, you may want to wash the guards separately from the rest of your sports kit.

As far as cleaning your soccer shin guards goes, you can either wash them manually or throw them in the machine. When manually washing the shin guards, it’s a good idea to use a mild detergent that won’t damage the fabrics used in their construction. You can also add a bit of bleach to help sterilize the guards and get rid of any bacteria. For the washing machine, use a mild setting and a low dosage of detergent.

What Are Soccer Shin Guards?

Shin guards are pieces of protective gear worn by soccer players to protect their shins from kicks, collisions, and impacts. They are normally made of synthetic fabrics, foams, and synthetic leather and are designed to be worn directly over the shin — hence the name “shin guard.”

The shin guards on your leg are meant to protect you against injuries. They are usually made of synthetic fabrics, foams, and synthetic leather. While shin guards are not mandatory, they are strongly recommended for soccer players. These guards protect your shins against kicks, collisions, and impacts. They are usually made of synthetic fabrics, foams, and synthetic leather.

Some shin guards are designed to be worn directly on your shin while others have a strap system that goes over your foot. If you choose the strap system, be sure to choose a pair that fits tightly on your foot so that it does not shift around while you are playing.

Tips for washing your shin guards

Shin guards should be washed after every use and immediately following any contact with sweat, blood, or other bodily fluids. Washing them immediately and thoroughly prevents the growth of bacteria that can cause an infection in your skin and also reduces the risk of chafing and blisters. Make sure to wash your shin guards with soap and water and then let them air dry. Use a gentle detergent that is free of dyes, perfumes, and other chemical additives.
Shiny shin guards can be difficult to keep clean, so try to choose a model that is matte or has a textured or dull finish. If you have sensitive skin, avoid shin guards with open-weave fabric that may cling to sweat. Common detergents can irritate sensitive skin, so try an unscented soap or washing powder instead.

When you’re done wearing your shin guards, store them in an aerated pocket in your bag or hang them up to air out. You can also transfer them to a mesh bag if they are dirty but don’t want to wash them right away.
You’ll want to make sure you’re doing all you can to keep your shin guards clean and healthy for the full duration of their lifespan!

Steps in washing your shin guards the proper way

Are soccer shin guards machine washable?

Many types of pads and shields are machine washable, including soccer shin guards. This is because they are made of breathable materials that allow them to dry quickly. However, it’s best to check the label of your shin guards to make sure they’re machine-washable before you throw them in the machine. Many other protective gear products, like helmets and mouthguards, are not machine washable and can only be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Being able to wash your shin guards regularly helps keep dirt and bacteria off the area, which can help reduce the risk of irritation or infection.

If you’re worried about damaging your shin guards by putting them into a machine, try spraying them with some Fabric Softener as you’re getting ready for the day, or place them in a mesh bag when you store them to let the air circulate around your gear.

How often should you replace soccer shin guards?

As with all sports gear, the lifespan of your shin guards will vary depending on how often you use them and the type of training you are doing. If you are a casual player who practices a few times a week, you may only need to replace your shin guards after a year or so. On the other hand, if you are a serious player who trains regularly and competes in a lot of games, you will probably need to replace your shin guards after 6–12 months.

The best way to determine if your shin guards need to be replaced is to inspect them for rips, tears, and holes. If your guards have a tear in them, you won’t be able to sew them. If your fabric is torn, it won’t offer you the same protection it used to.

Final thoughts

Can soccer shin guards be washed? Yes! Shin guards should be cleaned to get rid of any grime, bacteria, and germs that may have built up over time. Now that you know how to wash shin guards, go ahead and pick up a pair!

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