The Best Tracking Cameras for Soccer | Five Options to Consider

By Vince •  Updated: 06/27/22 •  15 min read

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Automatic tracking cameras are devices used to identify and track your movements. These tracking cameras are essential tools for watching sporting events.

Today, these innovative camera systems aren’t just used for high-profile games but are available for sports clubs and coaches who want to track player performance.

The truth is that if you’re looking for an automatic tracking camera for soccer games, you may be overwhelmed by the number of options you have.

We have done our research to bring you a comprehensive buyer’s guide and a list of top recommendations, so you won’t have to spend hours reading reviews to find a tracking camera that’s right for you.

The Best Automatic Tracking Cameras on the Market

The good news is that you won’t need to search the internet for hours looking for automatic tracking cameras that meet these criteria because we have done the work for you!

By considering the above factors, we were able to find five high-performance cameras that work well for tracking players during soccer games.

Here are our top recommendations:

Best Overall: Veo Soccer Camera

The Veo Soccer Camera is my favorite choice for capturing soccer games. It can be used for filming, coaching, and analyzing player performance.

This intelligent system simplifies the recording process thanks to top-notch software and can be used by coaches or referees during a game since there are no in-game requirements. They can simply set up the camera, hit record, and turn their attention to the game.

A handy camera stand makes for a convenient, hands-free device, so you have the freedom to focus on the game. It also ensures that the camera has a full view of the field, so you’ll capture all the action effortlessly.

When connected to the internet, the Veo Soccer Camera will capture video footage of the match until you decide to stop and save it. The video will then be uploaded automatically.

Thereafter, the game’s recording is sent to the software, which then uses artificial intelligence to identify the ball and display a broadcast representation of the game. It’s pretty cool, the camera automatically picks out shots, corners, goals, free kicks, and more. It even keeps stats for the game.

I’ve just used the basics and it’s definitely enough for most teams. However, if you’re at a higher level, you can create your own highlights specifically for players, or to show your team in training. You can then save, download, and share your own highlights with teammates, coaches, relatives, and friends.

It can be a bit of a pain to connect the camera using the app on your phone, and it takes a while to upload video – but all that aside (and it’s a bit of a pain), it’s awesome.



If you want to know more, check out VEO.

Best for Individual and Team Tracing: Trace Automatic Tracking Camera

Like the Veo, you’ll need a software subscription to use the Trace Soccer Camera. You get 20 GPS sensors to track players on the field and a 16-foot tripod to help you get a full view of the soccer field.

While the camera and its AI-powered software will cost you a lot more, you won’t need to invest in an editor since it includes automatic editing and lets you see footage shortly after the players leave the field.

It also includes player performance metrics so that you can track a player’s performance. With Trace’s Multicam feature, you can use your phone to capture other angles of the game, and the software will switch to the footage with the best view, so you’ll never miss a goal or key part of the game.

Instead of just sending you a link to the video, Trace personalizes the experience and will send you a friendly email with a list of the key highlights of the game.



Visit Trace for more information.

Best for Full Broadcasting: Spiideo AI Game Tracking System

The Virtual Panorama, one of the most fundamental parts of the Spiideo system, allows viewers to independently view any detail of a soccer game irrespective of where it occurs on the field.

However, it is more practical to have the software automatically follow the play and operate as a digital cameraman. This is precisely what the innovative Spiideo system can do. It offers a simple and quick way to view gameplay and is ideal for analysts or coaches.

Spiideo’s machine learning technology and computer vision are used to power the system. It relies on massive amounts of data for numerous sports and a blend of player and team motion, location detection, and a self-learning neural network developed using numerous sports subject matter experts.

You can even use the system to promote sponsors and earn with pay per view when you share game footage.



Find out more by visiting Spiideo.

Best for Individual Players: Pix4Team

The Pix4Team is another great automatic tracking camera that uses artificial intelligence to capture sporting events. It has been designed to automatically pan, tilt, and zoom and can recognize a playing field to ensure that the game is captured well.

One of the features that stands out is that it gives you three options to live stream games. You can connect to Wi-Fi, use an RJ45 internet cable, or use your own live streaming tools by connecting to the HDMI port.

With Pix4Team, you can add and manage a scoreboard and include audio commentary or ads. The best part is that you won’t need to pay a monthly subscription!



Check out the website for more info.

Best for Multiple Individual Sports: Soloshot3

If you’re looking for a reliable brand, Soloshot is a good option. It has been recognized as a pioneer in the motion camera industry, and its Soloshot3 offers a plethora of great features that make it the perfect camera for filming sports games.

Firstly, you won’t need to position it dangerously close to the action since it has a tracking distance of up to 2,000 feet, so you have the freedom to shoot high-quality video from wherever the camera is placed.

Another feature that we loved was that it had been built to be waterproof. This means that you can film soccer games even if it begins to rain!

It comes in different variants, so you can choose the definition and price range that suits your preferences and pocket.

You also won’t need to worry about blurry footage since the camera has an auto-zoom feature to ensure that you never miss the action. Setup is also fairly simple, and you can find helpful guides online to help you get the camera up and running in no time.

If a player is injured or ill and doesn’t want to miss a training session, you can set up a live feed, so he or she can tune in!



Frequently Asked Questions

We answer some of the most asked questions about automatic tracking cameras for soccer in the section below.

Can I Use One Automatic Tracking Camera for Several Sports?

Yes, most of the automatic tracking cameras on this list have been designed to be used to capture a number of different sporting events. However, before you order a new camera system, check what sports the software has been designed to cover, as this often varies from one system to another.

Will My Players Have to Wear a Tracker During a Game?

The truth is that some cameras require the use of trackers to identify and follow players, while others use artificial intelligence to follow the ball, team, players, or play. If you prefer not to use trackers, there are several options you can choose that do not require them.

Should I Choose the Veo or the Trace Soccer Camera?

Both these camera systems are excellent choices. If you’re looking for outstanding resolution and video quality, the Veo is the perfect option. It is also a more affordable option, but you may have to hire a video editor since the software doesn’t have many automatic editing features.

On the other hand, the Trace automatic tracking camera is the most expensive camera system on the market. Still, it includes top-notch editing features and other helpful tools like player performance metrics, so you can quickly and easily track a player’s performance.

The option you choose will ultimately depend on your requirements and your budget.

Can I Use a Soccer Camera to Record My Training Sessions?

Yes, soccer cameras are an excellent investment if you’re hoping to improve your game. You can record training sessions, practice matches, and live games to help you analyze and improve how you play.

What Is an Automatic Tracking Camera?

An automatic tracking camera is a system that has been specially designed to detect and track the human face or body and will tilt, pan, and zoom automatically to focus on and follow someone. It uses special software to do this and eliminates the need for large camera crews.

You can simply set up the camera, press record, and focus on the game as the camera does the job of a cameraman, capturing key events and uploading the footage to a cloud where you can edit and share it.

These cameras are handy for tracking soccer players during games, as they can help players and coaches assess their performance on the field and make the necessary improvements. Now that you know what an automatic tracking camera is, how do you choose the right one?

What To Look for in a Good Automatic Tracking Camera

If it’s your first time buying an automatic tracking camera, you probably don’t know what to look for. With so many choices, it’s natural for shoppers to feel overwhelmed when attempting to choose a suitable brand.

There are just too many options on the market, including cheap brands that simply do not offer much value for money.

We’ve drawn up a buyer’s guide to help you know exactly what to look for. Here’s what you need to look out for when choosing the best tracking camera for soccer.

Design and Build Quality

When selecting a tracking camera, you should consider the build quality and how the camera has been designed. The materials used in manufacture, color palette, and even perceptual weighting are all aspects that influence the overall design of a tracking camera.

Knowing these details can assist you in finding a product that meets your needs. Build quality also influences a camera’s durability, so you should always opt for a high-quality build when choosing an automatic tracking camera for your team or club.

Product Specifications

You should always consider the specifications when selecting an automatic tracking camera. Product specifications are blueprints that tell you what the product is, what it does, and how it should look. It will also give you an idea of who it has been designed for.

Select an automatic soccer tracking camera that is precision-engineered to match your requirements. There are two primary factors to consider when comparing specifications: performance and features.

Soccer games are dynamic and fast-paced, so you’ll need a high-performance camera with great definition and video quality, even from great distances. Your camera should also be easy to set up and operate and offer good audio quality.

Consider the Brand’s Reputation

Another great way to tell whether you’re making a good choice is to look at the brand. If it is reputable and has an excellent track record, you won’t go wrong when selecting one of its products.

You’ll want to select a brand that provides the most value for money with high-quality devices and exceptional customer support.


Another important consideration, especially if you intend to use the camera for live streaming or need to upload video footage online, is the camera’s resolution. Resolution is the detail an image holds, so the higher the resolution, the clearer the image.

To enjoy a soccer match, the audience should be able to see players’ faces clearly and be able to identify them. The best camera resolution is 4k since it contains over 8 million pixels, whereas a 1080p resolution is the next best with just 2 million pixels.

Is It Affordable?

Cost is often the deciding factor when choosing a product. However, when selecting an automatic tracking camera for soccer, we advise never to go with the cheapest offer.

The truth is that several knock-off brands claim to offer quality products, but after a while, you’ll notice that it is cheaply made.

When making your selection, you’ll want to choose a camera system that provides the best value for money.

Many cameras require a monthly subscription to enjoy all the features they offer. While it may seem like an unnecessary expense, you often get access to additional AI features, automatic editing, and even hardware replacements when something goes wrong.

On the other hand, just because a tracking camera is highly-priced, this does not mean that it is the best option for you. There are many low-cost options with excellent performance and durability, so you should choose a camera that suits your needs and budget.

Ease of Use

The automatic tracking camera you choose should be easy to set up and use. There’s nothing more frustrating than investing in a high-end device, only to find that it is a challenge to transport and set up.

Take a look at the stand to determine whether it is easy to set up and look at the connections it includes, so you’ll know whether you can connect to the internet via an HDMI connection or Wi-Fi.

Battery Life

Most soccer cameras have rechargeable batteries, allowing for cable-free usage on the playing field. When recording a soccer game, the battery should never run out, so check the battery life specifications before making your purchase.

Field of View

You will also need to consider the range that the camera will cover. This value is often expressed in degrees.

A small field of view means that the camera will not pick up any action outside of its range, so you may miss key parts of the game if you don’t move the camera yourself.

The ideal field of view for an automatic tracking camera for soccer games is 180 degrees.


Automatic tracking cameras use artificial intelligence to identify the field, follow the ball, and identify players, so the better the technology behind the software, the better the camera will be.

The software will allow the camera to pan, tilt, and zoom in on the action, ensuring that you capture all the important plays.

AI can also help compile a list of highlights, edit video footage, switch cameras for a better view, and so much more. Consider these features before you make your choice.

Final Thoughts – Best Tracking Camera for Soccer

Automatic tracking cameras are innovative devices that help you capture sporting events in high definition. You can then use the software to edit, download, and share the video footage with the team, coaches, and spectators who couldn’t be at the game.

If you are a coach or the owner of a soccer club, using an automatic tracking camera for soccer training sessions and games could help to track, analyze, and improve player performance, making it a valuable investment.

With our buyer’s guide and list of top recommendations, you should have no trouble finding a functional tracking camera for recording soccer games!


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