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Washington is a great state for soccer lovers who are looking to continue their playing careers in college. There are many colleges and universities across the Evergreen State that have men’s and women’s soccer programs, so it can be tough to choose the best one for you. This blog post will help make the decision a little bit easier by providing an overview of some of the top schools for collegiate soccer in Washington. So if you’re thinking about playing soccer at the next level, keep reading!

Western Washington University

Soccer is a sport that has been growing in popularity in the United States in recent years, and Western Washington University has emerged as one of the best colleges for the sport. The university is located in Bellingham, WA, which is just a short drive from Seattle, one of the hotbeds of soccer in the country.

The university has a strong soccer program at both the Division I and II levels, and the team has won several conference championships in recent years. In addition, the university has a state-of-the-art stadium that provides an excellent setting for collegiate soccer games. Soccer fans who want to see some of the best college soccer in the country should consider attending a game at Western Washington University.

University Of Washington – Seattle Campus

The University of Washington – Seattle Campus is widely considered to be one of the best colleges for soccer in the country. The school has produced some of the most successful professional soccer players in the world, including U.S. National Team stars Clint Dempsey and Hope Solo.

In addition, the UW – Seattle soccer program has won numerous conference and national championships, making it one of the most successful collegiate programs in history. The school’s soccer facilities are also among the best in the country, providing students with top-notch training and playing environments. All of these factors make UW – Seattle an ideal choice for prospective collegiate soccer players.

University Of Puget Sound

The University of Puget Sound is home to one of the best collegiate soccer teams in the country. The team has won numerous championships and has produced several professional players. What makes the University of Puget Sound so successful in soccer? There are a few factors.

First, the university has a strong commitment to the sport. They have a well-funded program and provide their athletes with top-notch facilities and equipment. Second, the university has a very experienced and knowledgeable coaching staff. They have a proven track record of developing talented players and preparing them for success at the next level.

Finally, the University of Puget Sound attracts some of the best soccer prospects from all over the country. They offer a competitive scholarship program and provide their athletes with an excellent education. For all these reasons, the University of Puget Sound is one of the best colleges for soccer.

Gonzaga University

Gonzaga University is widely recognized as one of the best colleges for soccer. The school has a strong tradition of success, having won the West Coast Conference title 19 times since the early 1990s. In addition, the Gonzaga men’s soccer team has made 12 NCAA Tournament appearances, including five trips to the Sweet Sixteen.

The school’s facilities are also top-notch, with a brand new stadium that was completed in 2019. In addition, the school’s location in Spokane, Washington, puts it near some of the best youth soccer programs in the country. As a result, Gonzaga can attract some of the best high school players from across the United States. All of these factors combine to make Gonzaga University one of the best colleges for soccer.

Seattle Pacific University

Seattle Pacific University is one of the best colleges for soccer for several reasons. First, the school has a strong tradition of success on the soccer field, with both its men’s and women’s teams regularly competing for conference championships. Second, Seattle Pacific offers top-notch facilities for its student-athletes, including a newly renovated stadium and practice fields.

The university provides its soccer players with access to excellent coaching and support staff, who are dedicated to helping them reach their full potential. Taken together, these factors make Seattle Pacific University an ideal choice for students who are looking to pursue their love of soccer at the collegiate level.

Whitworth University

Whitworth University is one of the best colleges for soccer in the country. The school has a long tradition of success on the soccer field, winning conference championships and sending players to the professional ranks. Whitworth also offers an excellent academic experience, with small class sizes and personal attention from faculty. The university is located in Spokane, Washington, which is a beautiful setting for college life.

Students at Whitworth enjoy access to all the city has to offer, while also being able to get away from it all in the nearby mountains. If you’re looking for top-notch college soccer experience, Whitworth University is the place for you.

Pacific Lutheran University

Pacific Lutheran University is one of the best colleges for soccer in the nation. The school’s team has won numerous championships, and its players have gone on to have successful careers in professional soccer. What makes PLU stand out as a top soccer school? The school has a strong tradition of winning. This tradition inspires players to work hard and strive for success on the field.

PLU commits to developing its players. The coaching staff works with each player to help them improve their skills and reach their full potential. Finally, PLU provides its players with top-notch facilities and equipment. The school’s stadium is one of the finest in the country, and the team has access to state-of-the-art training facilities. These factors all come together to make Pacific Lutheran University a top choice for aspiring soccer players.

Final Thoughts:

In the end, there can be no definitive answer as to which college is the best for soccer in Washington. All of the colleges on this list are excellent choices and offer great opportunities for any student who wants to play soccer at a high level. It ultimately comes down to what each student is looking for in a college experience. We hope that this article has helped you make an informed decision about where to continue your academic and athletic career.

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